Who Ever Heard of A Diet Where You Can Eat The Foods You Love?

On September 11, 2021, I decided to permanently change the way I ate. A week earlier, I’d walked into a “Wing Stop” (they were my favorite of the “wings” shops). It was during the pandemic and I lived in Los Angeles where everything was under “shut down” to some extent. This place you could go in and order, but you couldn’t eat in the restaurant (which was cordoned off). I placed my order of wings with my favorite sauces: garlic parmesan and Korean BBQ. And of course, a side of those great fries that they had! When I ate the first parmesan wing, it was too salty. When I ate the Korean BBQ, it was too sweet. And those great fries? They didn’t taste as great as I remembered them. It was at that point, when I looked at my receipt and saw I’d just paid $18 for food I didn’t even like the taste of. It was also at that point that I had a mind shift. I asked myself, “Why waste money on food you don’t even like? Why not just find foods you do like that will help you lose weight?” Easier said than done.

Prior to that day, I’d been looking on Youtube for about a month at different Youtubers who had “diets” that they swore helped them lose weight…lots of weight. And I had a LOT to lose. Easily 100 pounds! But I was stubborn (my Mom calls it “Hard Headed”). I told myself, if I was going to go on a “diet”, I only wanted to eat foods I liked. (Did I sound like a brat or what?!) I had a “sweet tooth” and I wasn’t going to give up chocolate, cookies, or ice cream. Who ever heard of a diet like that?!

After quite a bit of video watching and Googling, I discovered what claimed to be a new way of eating where you didn’t have to give up your favorite foods. I didn’t believe it because I’d been dieting for over 30 years and my favorite foods were always “off limits.” Needless to say I was skeptical, but deep down hopeful.

I tentatively started to follow this new eating style, but not 100% (“Hard Headed” me). And slowly, I started to drop some weight. Nowhere near what the folks in the videos touted (20 pounds in a month!). For me it was a barely noticeable 4 or 5 pounds a month. Because I wasn’t losing 10 or 20 pounds in a month, I felt kind of like a failure. Plus, menopause certainly wasn’t doing me any favors. But I chugged along, because I was able to eat my favorite foods.

Then about three months into this eating lifestyle, I put on a pair of jeans that I’d always worn. But that day, I needed a belt to keep them up! And even with the belt, I had to keep pulling them up when I was walking. I hadn’t noticed my weight loss because I saw myself every day, so I didn’t really notice anything different. But my jeans told another story.

What was this eating style that had me losing weight while eating the foods I loved?… {NEXT}