Time To Change Your Mind…Seriously!

My Mom had fallen into a diabetic coma sometime during the night. Luckily, that morning my brother had stopped by my Mom’s to drop off some groceries. When she didn’t answer the door, and he could hear her little dog barking inside, he called the police. Long story short, she was rushed to the hospital and was saved. Had my brother stopped by just a few hours later, she wouldn’t be here today! Thank God for timing!

We found out that the reason for the diabetic coma was because my Mom hadn’t been watching what she ate. And she wasn’t monitoring her blood sugar levels. Her whole diet consisted of junk food – honey buns or donuts for breakfast, prepared and pre-packaged frozen meals from the grocery store, fast food from the drive-thru, sugar-laden drinks. Everything she was eating would majorly spike her blood sugar level.

I scolded my Mom for eating the way she did. But I was a total hypocrite because I was eating exactly the same way! My Mom is stubborn and I knew the only way she would change the way she ate was if she saw an example. So I decided it had to be me.

That’s when I got serious about changing the way I ate. Changing the way I ate wasn’t really what I did so much. It was about being conscious of what I was eating. But I still was a brat! I wanted to eat what I wanted, and didn’t want to give up my favorite foods. And that’s when I found this unique new way of eating.

Before I reveal what this new eating style is, I’m going to let you in on a secret I wish I would’ve known about long ago…

I found the most important part of the whole process was not so much about what I ate, but about changing my mindset. Most of us women beat up on ourselves. And if we fail, sometimes it’s hard to get back up and try again. But you know what? Failure is not permanent unless you allow it to be. So you have to stop victimizing yourself with negative self talk and change the way you talk to yourself.

It sounds simple. But if you’re not willing to do that one little thing, don’t waste your time reading any further.

Losing weight and mindset go hand in hand if one is going to be successful long term. It’s something I never realized or even thought about in all my 30+ years of attempting to lose weight. I never really made the connection. It makes sense though because many of us eat not out of actual hunger, but for emotional reasons (I know I did).

If you’re looking for some way to permanently lose weight without changing your mindset, that will never work. If you manage to take it off, you will always gain it back (and usually more).

So if you aren’t ready to FULLY COMMIT to changing your mindset – THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR YOU! I’m telling you, without changing your mind, you will NEVER permanently take off the weight, let alone keep it off.

Yes, you can eat what you want and lose weight, but this is a whole mind and body approach. You can’t have one without the other.

I can’t promise you that you’ll lose 100 pounds like I did. But I can promise you this method worked for me and a host of other women. If it can work for us, why can’t it work for you?

But don’t take my word for it. Click the “chat” button on this page to have a quick chat with someone on our team and find out for yourself if this can work for you too.

You could try to figure this all out on your own… but that could take months or years of trial and error! Not to mention trying to find the perfect combination: the eating style that’s right for you that you can live with, finding the right coaching and mindset training (some are better than others, & some are just downright terrible). This is not one size fits all. It’s personalized and customized specifically to you.

If you’ve been overweight for any length of time, lost weight and struggle to keep it off, been a yo-yo dieter, you need help. Because if you want long lasting permanent success, this is definitely something you can’t (or shouldn’t) do on your own.

So, the absolute, best way to get started is… {CONTINUE}