Re-Programming Your Subconscious to Permanently Lose The Weight

Re-Programming Your Subconscious to Permanently Lose The Weight

Did you know that your subconscious can process one million times more data per minute than your conscious mind? Your subconscious has more control over your body than your conscious. That’s why our subconscious takes over when we are in dangerous or emergency situations – it’s taking in tons of information about the situation and accessing how to deal with it…for our survival. And our subconscious mind resists change for that very same reason.

Scientists say that our conscious mind only controls from 1%-5% of what we do, and our subconscious controls the other 95%-99%. The “programming” in our subconscious was put there by other people when we were children, and unfortunately most of it was negative. We had no control over it, although who we are today is shaped by it. Therefore the question really is, are you overweight because you choose to be, or are you overweight because you were programmed to be? No matter the answer, re-programming our subconscious is imperative to change negative behaviors and replace them with new, positive ones. Because you will never permanently lose your excess weight unless and until you change your thinking.

I talked about positive affirmations in a previous post. Today I tell you how to use them for the best results. Playing your recordings throughout the day in the background is great. That’s repetition for your conscious mind. But also play them at night, just before you fall asleep (that’s self-hypnosis). That is when your conscious mind shuts down and your subconscious fully takes over. Then just let your subconscious mind do it’s job and take your new programming and turn it into reality.

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