Is There A Deeper Reason to Being Overweight?

Is There A Deeper Reason to Being Overweight?

There are underlying reasons for our overweight state besides making poor eating choices. For example, many people who’ve had gastric bypass surgeries lose a lot of weight only to regain every bit of it. Chris Christie (former Governor of New Jersey) is a well-known example.

For many women, it comes from some form of sexual abuse, and excess weight is seen as a form of protection. Maybe you subconsciously felt that being overweight made you less attractive and you wouldn’t be hit on by men? So saying (or thinking) that saying positive affirmations solely around weight loss is not the answer.

If you deep down feel that being overweight is protection, examine the reality. Being overweight actually puts you more at risk. Can you run away if someone is chasing you at your weight now? Do you have the strength to fend someone off? How do you think that excess fat around your heart is affecting it?

When I was 100 pounds heavier, my back ached to the point that I couldn’t stand for long, my knees hurt when I walked, walking even short distances caused me to breathe hard.

What you want to do is add in affirmations that encourage getting stronger. Ex. “I am getting stronger every day,” and “Getting in shape shows I care about myself.”

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