I Want to Be vs I Am

I Want to Be vs I Am

Your mind only understands the present. So put your positive affirmations into a form as if you have already achieved it. Ex. “I weigh 135 pounds.”

Do this simple exercise: Take out a sheet of paper and on the left side of it, make a list of everything you want when it comes to your weight and weight loss goals. Then on the right side, turn those same wants into haves. Ex. “I want a fit body,” becomes “I have a fit body.” I know it might sound silly, and you probably don’t believe this, but do it anyway. What have you got to lose?

You are tricking your subconscious into moving toward that outcome since it doesn’t look at the past, it doesn’t look to the future, it only looks at the present. So you’ll be changing your behaviors on a subconscious level that will manifest themselves in real time in order to turn your affirmations into reality.

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